(c) Photo: Wim Piqueur

Gaïsha is the latest act on Zephyrus Records. It’s a newly formed collaboration between Belgian-Moroccan singer Aicha Haskal and Les Cerveaux Lents bringing you oriental & psychedelic grooves with a Brussels twist. The band switches seamlessly between Arabic chants, parlando, and even rap, bringing you an interesting melting pot of styles, quoi.

Les Cerveaux Lents was founded in 2002 by musicians from Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre. The acoustic sextet trodded different musical paths, from Jewish-Arabic to Ethiopian sounds, creating an atmosphere that ran the gamut from intimate nostalgia to stirring rhythms punctuated with improvisation. But, the accordion, the acoustic guitar, and the double bass are hanging upon the willows now and made a place for psychedelic sounds and funky grooves.

Their latest single (released on 7 inch by Zephyrus Records) is called ‘Ghalat’ and was written by the Egyptian poet Abdelhamid Farag, who calls himself a ‘poète de l’éloignement’. His lyrics are permeated with deep melancholy and romance. The single is a tribute to Abdelhamid, who passed away in 2020.

In 2022 the band is planning to go into the studio to record their first EP that is planned for release at the beginning of 2023.

Aicha Haskal
From 2007 until 2013, Aicha Haskal was a member of Va Fan Fahre. In 2010 they released the album ‘Al Wa’Debt’ together, which resulted in a surprisingly natural fusion between Balkan brass band and Arabic music. The album received critical acclaim and featured in the top 10 of the World Music Charts Europe for several months. The band toured France, Italy, Croatia, Brazil, …


Aicha Haskal – vocals
Eduardo Vega – guitar
Lieven Van Pee – bass guitar
Jakob Nachtergaele – drums
Falk Schrauwen – percussion
Michael De Schryver – organ/synths
Renaud Ghilbert – violin